Benefits of Buying a House in Portugal Built by Us

There are many aspects consumers consider for buying a house. Below there are the main aspects that allow us to differentiate from our competitors in the building industry:

Building Quality: Major Factor For Buying a House

Buying a new-build house is one the most important things we do in our life. It is also a decision that has a great impact for several years. Therefore, it is reasonable (and desirable) that customers invest much time in assessing and comparing several properties. Our main advantage is the superior quality of construction we make sure our real estate has. Quality is crucial for us because we believe it should be one of the most important criteria consumers should take into account for buying a house. In order to guarantee excellent quality, when we are building a house we focus on:

  • planning and building a house. We follow the building process of our properties, daily. The best way to ensure quality is being in the property following the work.
  • finished interiors. This is one area very delicate in the residential building industry. High-quality finished interiors are essential so that you feel comfortable at home and are key in order to avoid inconvenient problems in the future. Buying a house with poorly finished interiors or hazardous materials may raise annoying problems in the long term, such as water infiltration/plumbing problems or mildew.
    • For example, all properties are provided with a forced air cooling in order to avoid odors. This is just an example of a small thing we do, that in the end of the day will make a difference. We make a lot of effort so that all finished interiors have an excellent quality in order to make sure our customers feel comfortable at home.
  • environmentally friendly solution. All our properties have an energetic certification accordingly to the Portuguese law.

In house construction, there are many details that affect the end result and that´s why we follow all work done in our properties. We have photos that can prove our focus on quality. Here´s an example of insulation, a critical field in our opinion:

insulation important buying a house
An example of thermal insulation. Material: Spray foam (polyurethane)

We created a portfolio with many photos that demonstrate how we deal with critical issues, such as thermal insulation above. Contact us to receive this portfolio or arrange an appointment to see a house being built.


5-year Guarantee

All our properties are sold with a 5-year guarantee. In the next 5 years after buying a house, we cover all expenses related to any refurbishment that may be necessary. Fortunately, any of our customers had a serious problem. Anyway, we offer this large guarantee so that every customer may avoid any unexpected costs to fix a building problem. We believe it is fair for both parties and increases our customers’ satisfaction. After this 5-year period, we still fully support our properties, but it may incur any cost.



As it is mentioned on our services page, we allow and incentive customers to give us feedback so we can custom our houses to customers’ taste. And this is a great advantage we offer to our customers: custom you own home!

If customers do not have experience about a given topic (such as home design) and/or they do not know what solutions are available, they can count on our recommendations about all aspects they need, such as:

  • most resistant bathroom flooring
  • home automation solutions
  • best mosaic tiles

Being a custom builder is definitely something that differentiates us because if possible we will build your dream home: we even allow customers to design their own home.  Contact us to learn more about how customizable our real estate is!


40+ Years of Experience

Experience in the building industry is certainly a strength we highlight to whom is interested in buying a house. We do have more than 40 years of experience in the business and are used to handle all kind of projects:

  • simple house building project, which has the following steps
    • buy a lot
    • build a villa
    • sell it
  • a more complex project, such as a turnkey project or custom home

We believe a lot in two important aspects: our experience and our focus on quality. These are two main reasons why offer a 5-year building guarantee.

Experience is also important because allow us to have high-quality real estate but still affordable. The cost of building a house is very high, so experience in this industry in order to compare suppliers and service providers (such as plumbers) and reap benefits of economies of scale.



Transparency means a lot to us because it allows us to create a good reputation as one of the most reliable local builders in Ericeira and Mafra, the two cities we usually build our properties. We do feel transparency boosts the confidence our previous customers have into our services and have led them to recommend us to their friends.

In this industry, there are several situations where conflicts of the interest may arise. For example, in a turnkey project, the customer may give us the liberty to choose the bathroom flooring. We could choose the cheapest material in order to increase our profit. Nevertheless, we de believe that is neither right nor is good for us, because sooner or later customers will complain about a problem due to the low product’s quality and, in the end, it will decrease their satisfaction. That´s why we are always very straightforward with the two main things that matter: quality and price. We think that is the only way customers may come back to us when they need help because they know they will get an impartial, well-informed opinion.

Being transparent with our customers leverages our relationship and allows us to be acknowledged as a partner where people can rely on. And this is something we are very proud of.



We do believe one of our competitive advantages is our very helpful and friendly support. It is time-consuming and hard to handle all aspects that buying a house entails: deal with all paperwork, pack everything before moving out are just two examples.

Living abroad may sound threatening or unsafe. Fortunately, Portugal is very safe! Going through the adaptation process to Portugal is very easy: great weather, delicious food, and friendly people are guaranteed. We will help you with some everyday things from the Portuguese culture so you can speed up the adaptation process.

Regarding health care and education issues, we usually support our customers regarding basic questions they may have.

Moving Out

Moving out may be one of the hardest things when you buy a property. It may even prevent you to buy one, only not to have to deal with boring details fo moving out! We know. In 2007, we have moved out as well (see here our beautiful home!). Therefore, as a familiar business, we feel obligated to help our customers with everything that they need about moving out.


Our legal support is very useful and reliable – we work with a lawyer’s office so we can give our customers a professional, high-quality support. Legal issues may be delicate and we want to make sure our customers do not face any legal problem for lack of knowledge of the Portuguese law.

Golden Visa

Portugal is currently golden visas for foreigners. You can find all official documentation on SEF website. SEF stands for Serviços de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, which means Immigration and borders service. The golden visa is great because allows not European people to

These are the main benefits our customers reap and that differentiate us from other house building companies in Portugal, namely in Ericeira. Click here to learn more about us or on the button below to contact us by phone or email.


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