New Home Builder in Lisbon and Silver Coast areas

Who we are: New Home Builder with 40+ years of experience

We are a new home builder based in Portugal*, that resulted from our large experience in the building industry. We are experts on building new properties for sale in Portugal, namely in Lisbon area. Usually, our properties are located in Ericeira and Mafra, two small cities that 30 minutes away from Lisbon (and its international airport). We only sell properties that were built by us. We have sold several types of homes:

  • villa
  • single-family home
  • semi-detached home
  • flat

We work in this industry for more than 40 years and we do have know-how about many important areas in house construction:

  • Planning all steps to build a property
  • Working with architecture teams to optimize house floor plans
  • Building a house from the ground up

On our services page, there is a detalied list of all tasks we have expertise on. As we are a small family business, we do have our advantages. See the main benefits you reap buying a house built by us!

*Our Portuguese company´s name is Construções Júlio Franco, as you can find on our Portuguese website.


What we do

As mentioned above, we are a construction company, which is commonly called a new home builder because we focus on building brand new homes for sale, as it is possible to see in our gallery. Therefore, our expertise is mainly in residential building, other than industrial or infrastructure, which are other fields of the construction industry.

Normally, the process of building a house looks like this:

  • Research and purchase of a lot
  • Develop a house building plan
  • Develop a building design
  • Build a house
  • Review of all finished interiors
  • End of work

When the customers buy a property when it is being built (or even a turnkey project), they may follow all the steps above, in order to custom their new home. We will still help whenever it is necessary or a technical opinion is needed.

Because of our experience, we build houses with different architecture styles. See all properties sold and notice how our building design differs among properties. Often we have constructed in our own land but we may also build a brand new house on a customers´ lot.

The main advantages we offer are our building quality and our 5-year guarantee. See our benefits page in order to better understand why we are a great solution if you are looking for a property for sale or a local new home builder in Portugal.


What we stand for

In such competitive industry, we believe there are 2 main values that allowed to be successful:

  • Quality – In order to buy a house, people need to really plan many details of their life. It is a decision that has a significant impact on dozens of years. Therefore, we make sure our property will meet what customers are looking for. The quality of the property is very important for us because it is what makes a house your home, it is what it makes is comfortable; on the other hand, our quality avoids multiple problems that would occur without a great plan and work execution.
  • Transparency – This is another very important value for us. Transparency means being very straightforward about technical opinions and prices. There are many situations where customers need our technical expertise in order to make a decision. We will always give our recommendations without any conflict of interest and be very transparent in terms of costs. Our goal: customers consider us as a partner that can recommend things for their best interest.


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