Properties Sold in Portugal

16 Properties Found

Some of our properties sold in Portugal are grouped here. It is possible to notice several architectural styles we have used in the past: rustic, modern and classic designs are the most common.

In some houses it is possible to see our special attention with all finished interiors: bathroom flooring and home appliances and exterior paint colours are just two examples. We display some pictures of houses there were being built so you can see are quality and focus on critical aspects, such as thermal insulation.

Some of these properties were only sold after being built, which is the most common cycle. However, some of them were bought when they were being built and customers were able to custom whatever they wanted, such as bathroom flooring, bathroom furniture or mosaic tiles.

Even though all these houses are already sold, we think it is a good way we can show and prove several benefits our customers reap: quality, beautiful home design and useful house floor plans. We keep the same values that led us to sell these properties, as it is possible to see all properties for sale page.

Contact us to receive more detailed information. We do not disclose sold houses prices.